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Your First Visit to Our Gorham Practice

New patient filling out paperwork

When you first arrive there will be some brief paperwork to complete.

We want all of our patients to feel immediately at home when they walk in the door. The visit begins by us greeting you as you walk in. After completing some necessary paperwork, Dr. Rob will usher you to the exam room. There Dr. Rob will take a moment to review the paperwork but he will mostly listen to the health issues that you are concerned about. The chiropractic examination consists of postural analysis, range of motion studies, orthopedic and/or neurological exams and palpation (checking the spine for misalignments).

Dr. Rob will then review all the information gathered. At this point we will decide whether to proceed with chiropractic care or if a referral to another health care specialist would be more appropriate. In some scenarios, x-rays may be needed. If so we will schedule you for x-rays at Mercy Crossing, located in Gorham and proceed with care on your next visit.

If x-rays are not needed we will begin with chiropractic care. The first visit is the longest and it usually takes 30 to 45 minutes; sometimes it can be shorter if you have had chiropractic care in the past.

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